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Welcome to interactive, bizarro world of adult online games


Contrary to popular opinion, pornography is whatever turns you on. It doesn’t have to be mainstream porn stars, explicit erotica, or an NSFW GIF set—just something that unlocks your particular sweet spot. Because we live in the future, that includes virtual reality and video games. And we don’t mean Dead or Alive or some other fan service heavy title, but actual porn games that are intended for adult audiences.


As with every other form of pornography in the world, there’s plenty of crap clogging up the XXX video game marketplace. But if your kink is all about playing the game, you might be interested in a sex venture that’s entirely digital. Rather than force you to sift through a pile of nasty ones and zeros, we’ve done the sifting for you. Here are some of the best paid and free porn games you can download now.


The ten hottest adult online games

1) Pirate Jessica

Do your pirate fantasies involve a buxom captain walking your plank? Pirate Jessica is a fully 3D sex adventure, featuring the titular Jessica as your first mate. Flexible, kinky, and willing to do anything your list of commands allows, Pirate Jessica, is a hardcore hedonistic adventure on the high seas. Featuring a range of races, genders, and a few surprises, the game includes every sex act known to man and a few that you probably didn’t know existed. You can subscribe to play Pirate Jessica for $19.99 per month, but sadly only Windows players are invited.


2) Chathouse 3D

Online multiplayer games are hot on the market, and the same is right in the world of sex gaming. Chathouse 3D is an adult social network that combines chat and interactive 3D sex. Users can build a persona and avatar to match whatever kink they desire, then meet up with other users to live out fantasies without the risks involved in IRL sex. Users who own a Fleshlightstroker or Kiiroo Onyx toy can link it with their game to feel precise what their player is experiencing, but even analog pleasure seekers get a vivid visual display to enjoy. Additionally, users can explore fantasies like swinging, cheating, BDSM, anal, or swapping genders. Membership costs $9.95 per month.


3) AChat

If you don’t find the community you’re looking for at Chathouse 3D, AChat might be worth your consideration. AChat is a community of thousands of other adult video game fans, all looking to chat, date, and have sex virtually. Once you’re past the courtship phase, AChat features 50 sex positions with over 300 kinds of encounters, whether you’re interested in singles or group experiences. AChat is wildly popular, so there are always people on the other end to play with. Getting started is free, but if you want to unlock your full potential in the bedroom, you’ll have to pay for upgrades.

4) Girlvania – Summer Lust

This digital sexual fantasy game allows you to craft your perfect woman for graphic sex scenes. Unfortunately, the player models are sometimes a little too stylized, at times looking a bit like Bratz dolls. Still, Girlvania’s smooth character models and animation make it pretty easy to enjoy. With 1,200 items to customize your character’s look, there are plenty of options. For foot fetish fans, there are more options available thanks to the Legs and Feet expansion pack. The base game will cost your $39.99, with the Legs & Feet expansion setting you back an additional $14.99. However, there are no monthly costs.


5) Virtual Fem

3D animated models are pretty common in porn games, but not everyone can get off to computer-generated people. Virtual Fem brings the game into the real world by utilizing pre-recorded video and advanced voice recognition to give you a virtual girlfriend experience. Through speech synthesis, your character can talk to you, building out a live fantasy with what feels like your cam girl. Plus, actual erotica authors write all dialog options. Still, this functions as a game, so you’ll need to keep your Virtual Fem in a good mood if you want the best experience—kind of like a Neopet. If the socialization aspects are too much for you, there’s an “easy mode” available. It would suck to have to worry about your digital girlfriend breaking up with you. Virtual Fem is $34.53 first month, then $23 per month after that.


Hentai 3D

Once you accept the idea of having sex with digital avatars the idea of having sex with a cartoon isn’t much of a jump. Anime fans who want to get deep into their favorite genre can play with Hentai 3D, a virtual sex sim for cartoon fans of all stripes. Pick from hundreds of outfits based on anime tropes, from latex superhero suits to schoolgirl uniforms and even cat people. There’s no judgment, just a seemingly endless supply of giant eyes nymphomaniacs ready to have sex with your avatar. You may never get to make your hentai, but with Hentai 3D you can at least direct one. The fun starts at just $24.95 per month.


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